Our services are categorized as follows :  
We have a database of existing formulations, for finished products used for mosquito and insect repellent applications. Our research panel has also been developing new formulations for our clients. For more information on our consultancy services, please email us [ Contact ]
We contract manufacture a variety of ready to use finished product mosquito repellents and insect repellents. We can customize a product in your brand name and packing.
Presently, we provide the following :
1. Liquid Vaporizer mosquito repellents , with Active Ingredient Transfluthrin
2. Mosquito coils ( Spirals )
3. Electric heater devices for Liquid Vaporizers and Mosquito mats
We plan to add many more innovative products to our contract manufacture portfolio

We use our knowledge base and panel of experts in the field, to conduct wide area mosquito control programs. These programs provide an effective and environmentally safe approach to control of mosquitoes and insects, by combining different treatment strategies and practices. We manage the program in every stage. i.e. initial studies , plan , execution , and follow up. For more information on our Public Health and Wide Area programs , please write to us [ Contact ] .

We have a well equipped production facility [ View details ] . We have an experienced team of production technicians and analysts. We provide contract manufacture services for specialty chemicals. Please do write to us , and we will be happy to provide you detailed information about the available production and analytical equipments [ Contact ]