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Nearly half of the world’s population was at a risk of Malaria in 2019. 20 to 40 percent of global crop production is lost to pests annually. In the hyper-connected pandemic-ridden world, it is important to address the challenges faced by us as humans.

Part of the Solution

Using its strength as a solution driven company, Shogun strives to take on the global challenges facing us. We endeavour to use our cutting-edge research, years of experience and state-of-the-art infrastructure towards developing a healthier tomorrow.

We are a research driven company focused on developing Active Ingredients that are used in household & Agro-chemical products. With our solutions around both Home Care and Agriculture, we aim to fulfil this mission at both health & nutrition fronts.

Our Mission

Our goal when we created Goodknight decades ago was the same as it is today:
to create revolutionary products that improve the quality of human life via our segments of crop protection and home care.

Fighting vector born diseases since 1984.


In an otherwise rudimentary world of 1984, we put ourselves to task & created an aerosol-based solution to mosquitos. First of the kind, we created the brands GoodKnight (1984) and Hit (1988) which today can be found in all households across India. We take immense pride in our patented technology that helped us expand and grow from the very start. As pioneers, we aim to disrupt the market by making use of our technology, our rich experience and our expertise in the domain. expertise in the domain.

Household Insecticides

Our specialisation is in technical grade Active Ingredient chemicals used in household insecticide products that kill, control and repel. All our products undergo strict quality checks to ensure the highest quality standards.

Agrochemical A.I.

With Technical grade agrochemical Active Ingredients, we take a step forward in sustainable growth and untapped possibilities in the agricultural industry. The goal is to offer unique solutions that benefit farmers and exceed their expectations.

Global player with strong roots.

Currently present in 4 continents, we are moving forward with a vision of being a global entity, by increasing the range of our Active Ingredients to make them accessible anywhere in the world.



Our hunger drives us to think and innovate with persistence and focus. Our State of the art infrastructure and quality control methods when clubbed with the acumen and know-how of our team, helps us create and constantly improve life-changing solutions.


Identifying the need and offering innovative products and services through our research and development makes us a fast-paced and trusted organisation.


Consistently building solutions for close to 3 decades, we have succeeded in winning the hearts of our consumers. We believe consistency is key to building trust & reliance.

The best in business rely on us.

Possibilities. Innovation. Progress. Impact.

Progress. Impact.