Unmatched Value Through Accelerated Innovation

Unmatched Value Through Accelerated Innovation

Developing proprietary routes as per your specifications.

We use our extensive database and advanced manufacturing facilities to cater to distinct needs.

Strategically located in Maharashtra

We are located in the special zone in Kurmubh on the Pune-Solapur Road NH9, with controlled environment and facilities.

Spread & Sustainability

Spread across a plot area of approx 107 K Sq. meters, our facilities are planned to integrate the green belt to promote sustainable manufacturing practices.

Balancing Economy With Environment

With a Total Built Up Area of 23K Sq. meters and the total Green Belt Area of 35K Sq. meters, the facility includes 5 plants with 5 more in the pipeline.

Advanced Technical Production Unit

From High-performance liquid chromatography by Waters and Analytica, to Gas chromatography by Agilent, we incorporate first rate formulation technology with a localized approach to create compositions that are flexible to customer requirements.

Through advanced Analytical Chemistry and end-to-end scientific solutions, our mission is to improve our scalability and flexibility, thereby achieving superior outcomes consistently with great efficacy and attention to quality.

Analytical R&D & Quality Control

Armed with stringent and cutting-edge quality control methodology, our endeavor is to continually formulate new chemistries and improve the quality and consistency of our products and services while being competitive in pricing.

Audited and approved for global supply of products by international firms, we hold ISO 9001:2008
Quality Certification.

Proprietary Routes

With an extensive database of formulations, we assist our clients to develop new and proprietary routes to existing compounds.

We offer a wide range of skilled contract manufacturing for diverse individual needs. Currently our offerings include active ingredients used in household & Agrochemical products like Liquid Vaporizer, Mosquito Coils, Burn Paper Insecticides and Herbicides.

Our facilities are designed keeping in mind the environmental needs. We comply with the regulations of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and have received environmental clearance from the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

We keep the highest standards of stewardship and safety. We have put in place environmental policies, procedures and regulations alongside conducting safety audits at regular intervals.

Safety Week, our EHS initiative is our one big step in this direction.

At Shogun, we marry economic growth with environmental & social consciousness for holistic development. Our scientists constantly work to ensure that their innovation is in line with climate change and sustainability objectives.

Our Tree Plantation drive aims to protect the balance of the environment by combating issues of erosion, deforestation and global warming.

We are also a Zero
Discharge Unit.

By reducing wastewater and producing clean water for reuse, we promote sustainability in all ways possible.

We are also a Zero Discharge Unit.

By reducing wastewater and producing clean water for reuse, we promote sustainability in all ways possible.